by Anne Hilke LMBT (NC#2419)

My First Massage
See "Massage 101" As Well

So, you are considering what your first massage will be like. You may
have had friends and family tell you what to expect and you may be
excited or nervous and you may have some questions. Below are
answers to common questions. Please feel free to call me 704.345.7201
or email me if you have any further

Will I like the massage?
Most people find that massage feels great not only when they receive it,
but they also notice that they are more relaxed than normal for several
days after. Massage not only offers relief for sore and aching muscles, it
also helps the body and mind to reach a relaxed state which can be
difficult for us in today's society. Let me know at any point during the
massage if you would like for me to change anything from pressure to
speed to which areas I am working to lighting to the type of music. Your
massage is a service for according to what will be best suited for you.

What can I expect when I get a massage?
When you come in for your massage, you will first fill out a medical history
form. We will discuss what goals you have for the session. I will explain
how to get on the table. I will leave the room and ask you to get undressed
to your comfort level. Your private areas will always be covered during
the massage, so you may choose to take everything off or leave on your
underwear. After you are on the table, will knock on the door to make sure
you are ready. In a full body massage, I will massage the back, the back of
the legs, gluteal area, feet, the front of the legs, arms, upper shoulders,
neck, scalp and face. Areas not being massage will be draped (covered)
by a sheet. Of course, we can avoid any area you would like. Not all
massages have to be a full body massage. We can spend the entire time
working on whatever area you would like. Many clients will have only the
back worked on for an hour. In most massages, a massage oil or cream
will be used. Oil will not be used on any part of the body which is clothed
during the massage.

Will the massage hurt?
I don't believe you should ever be in pain during a massage. Everyone has
different pain tolerances, and each person likes different levels of
pressure in different areas. If you would like more or less pressure at any
time, all you have to do is let me know. Some people may be a little sore
the next day after a therapeutic massage if they do not get them on a
regular basis. This is a feeling similar to soreness experienced the day
after you work out at the gym. If you ever feel sharp pain after any
massage, this is not normal. You should call your therapist and/or doctor.

What if I get aroused during the massage?
Although this rarely happens, it can happen. It can be similar to a reflex
(like getting goose bumps when you are cold), and usually is very short
term. It is never my intention for this to happen,
but this physiological response can happen. I do not get offended, do not
pay attention to it, and usually will not even notice. If there are any areas
that need to be avoided because they make you uncomfortable, all you
have to do is let me know. Please note, I do NOT offer any sexual services
at any time. It is not acceptable, at any time, to touch me or touch your
private areas, and it will not be tolerated, without exception.

Should I talk or be silent during the massage?
This is completely up to you. I will take my cues from you. Some clients will
talk during the entire massage, some will talk part of the time, and some
will not say a word. . . and several clients drift off to sleep.

What areas are massaged during a massage?
In a full body massage, I will massage the back, the back of the legs,
gluteal area, feet, the front of the legs, arms, upper shoulders, neck, scalp
and face. Not all massages have to be a full body massage. We can
spend the entire time working on whatever area you would like. Many
clients will have only the back worked on for an hour.

Do I have to take off my clothes to get a massage?
No. Although most clients will take all of their clothes off, or only leave on
their underwear, some clients will leave on all of their clothes. Remember
all of your private areas will be covered throughout the entirety of the
massage. If you choose the leave all of your clothes on, we will not be
able to use oil on the areas covered by clothes. However, we can always
do a massage if you are still wearing all of your clothes. It will not be a
traditional table massage, but it will still be a wonderful experience, just the
same. Your comfort is my top priority.

What should I wear to get a massage?
That is up to you. If you will leave your underwear on during the massage,
you will want to consider if you want your gluteal region massaged. If so,
you may want to consider thong underwear. It is rare that any massage oil
would get on your clothes, but you do not want to discount this possibility
when deciding what to wear.

How often should I get a massage?
This is up to you. Some clients get massage weekly and some clients get
massage once a year. Generally, for maintenance reasons, most people
find that having a massage every 3 to 6 weeks is most beneficial. It is
recommended that you not get a deep tissue massage in the same area
two days in the row.
InCall vs. OutCall Massage

I offer massage therapy at my location in Matthews, NC (InCall) for the prices listed
on this site.
I am also happy to come to your location (Outcall) for an additional charge. All outcall
massage therapy should be scheduled over the phone 704.345.7201
Outcall massage may be a one hour massage at your home or business, or it may
be for a corporate function or spa party. Chair massage functions can be scheduled
for as short a time span for up to a whole day or several days. Other massage
therapists may be available to join Anne if you have a large event.
Massage 101 Questions
See "My First Massage" Questions As Well

Do men and women get massage?
Yes, absolutely. Both men and women receive massage therapy. My clientele is about
50% men and 50% women.

Can everyone get massage?
For almost everyone, massage is very beneficial and safe. For a few medical conditions
and for those taking certain medications, certain areas or techniques will be avoided. For
some medical conditions a doctor's approval in necessary, and for others massage is not
recommended at all. You should always ask your doctor for their recommendation if you
are unsure if massage is safe for you. Please feel free to call or e-mail me about a
specific condition as well.

How should I prepare for my massage?
Other clients have reported that they enjoy their massage more if they do not eat 2 to 3
hours before their massage. You may also want to drink plenty of water on the day you
will come in for your massage.

What should I do after my massage?
Enjoy yourself. You may want to clear your schedule after the massage, so you can
enjoy the effects. You may want to drink plenty of water for 2 days after your massage.

How does one become a massage therapist?
Every state's regulations are different. In the state of North Carolina, one must attend and
graduate from a board approved massage school with at least 500 hours of education,
pass the national exam, apply for state licensure with the North Carolina Board of
Massage and Bodywork Therapy and apply for an art of healing privilege license as a
professional individual. Massage therapists must complete board approved continuing
education to keep their license.
Anne's Philosophy

I believe there is an interconnection between our body, our mind, and our spirit.

I believe that we have a natural ability to heal ourselves. I believe that touch is a
fundamental pathway to healing. By healing, I do not mean curing diseases. I
mean that something that was missing before (acceptance, patience, peace,
connection) is now present and makes a difference to the whole of the person.

To me, moments of healing include:
the body, mind and spirit are in balance
accepting oneself as they are
a sense that there is no where else to get to
acceptance, peace and connection

I believe that as touch is our most basic form of communication, and we are
social beings, that the power of touch therapy with positive intension is

I believe that in today's society many of us do not experience healing touch as
much as we need. Positive touch is one of the most basic forms of acceptance of
another. It allows us to know that we are perfect as we are, that we are accepted
as we are. No words of validation are needed. It is a silent communication that
fills what words rarely can.

As we walk among strangers all day and even around loved ones, we often feel
distance, as if we are not okay as we are... as if we do not belong. Hugs and
even a pat on the back are rarely given with a soothing "you are a unique and
beautiful being' intention behind it. . . . and we are. We all are. We are all unique
and beautiful beings. What is possible when experiencing full acceptance cannot
be underestimated.

Even a hand on an aching area allows us to know we are not alone, that our pain
is not going overlooked by others.

I believe fundamentally, this is why massage therapy is so beneficial. Therapeutic
massage will get knots out and address hypertonicity in muscles, and at the core
of it all is that we are important to each other. We are social beings, and so we
naturally decide a sense of how we fit in the world, who we are, and even the
validity of our own pain, based on the feedback and communication we have with
others. . . . To me, "the world is a lonely place without touch" (anonymous). . .
because without it we are alone at our most basic form of communication.

My purpose is to have people around me get that they are unique and precious.
My promise to my clients is that they are honored, and I always have the highest
intentions for their healing . . . balance.
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